Juliane of Radelmädchen

Meet Juliane who started her Radelmädchen blog to write about cycling, the city, and all things related (a rough translation of her tagline). Last year she completed her masters degree in fashion design with a thesis titled Urbane Mode für Frauen mit und ohne Fahrrad – Urban fashion for women with or without a bicycle.

logo radelmaedchen blogWhen not riding around Berlin, she is most likely found traveling, by bike of course. Read about her latest tours over on Radelmädchen and follow her on Twitter & Facebook.

What brought you to Berlin (if you weren’t born here)?
Berlin is my home town. I was born and raised here.

radelmaedchen bike tour ireland bike castle view
Touring Ireland by bike

What kind of bike do you ride?
It’s a Cube touring bike, a trekking bike.

What is your dream bike?
Hmm. I’d really like to have an old touring bike with a steel frame in a beautiful green colour. Or classic black. And it should still ride well. Oh, and a cargo bike! A colourful Bullit would be awesome!

What do you like most about riding in Berlin?
It’s the best way to get around. You can’t go faster. You see areas of the city you’ve never been to and get to know your town like you’ve never done it before. And during the night in the week, almost the whole street is yours alone :). That’s great.

How does riding in Berlin compare to your hometown or other places you’ve lived in?
In summer there are so many cyclists around. I like and don’t like it. But I feel more seen.

In comparison to London, where I spend a lot of time, the streets in Berlin are often broader, so there is more space also for people riding bikes. That’s a better environment than streets so crowded and narrow with cars and buses, you don’t know where to ride your bike, I guess. But I’ve never cycled in London anyway. So maybe I’m no judge of it.

Where is your bike parked most frequently?
In my home office or the hallway.

I don’t like to change my style or my wardrobe just because I’m riding a bike

jule radelmaedchen bike tour norway in trondheimWhat are your favorite clothes to bike in?
I prefer biking in my everyday wear, like skirts or dresses. I don’t like to change my style or my wardrobe just because I’m riding a bike. My rain jacket is one of the few exceptions. But it’s a really good one.

What is your favorite bag/basket/way to transport your belongings by bike?
I have those great Ortlieb back panniers. I almost always have them with me: For shopping, commuting, traveling,…

What is your favorite spot to fill up on fuel – coffee, drinks, food, snacks?
I like the Zebrano bar on Sonntagstraße, near Ostkreuz. You get good breakfast and coffee, although everything takes a while and you need to bring time when you’re there.

For a little snack: Just around the corner from Zebrano is the oriental snack bar Haroun on Neue Bahnhofstraße. They have delicious hummus and falafel plates. If I’d like to have one of the best Italian pizzas in Berlin I go to Trattoria Libau on Libauer Straße 24 in Friedrichshain.

Really good for breakfast is Zimt & Mehl on Weigangdufer near Wildenbruchplatz & Elsenstraße in Neukölln. It is a bakery with oriental style food, like different spreads and dips (I’m a hummus addict!).

What is your favorite route for a leisurely ride?
I love riding my bike around Rummelsburger Bucht. It’s a beautiful space just at the river Spree. And Treptower Park, which is right next to it.

Which route or area in Berlin do you avoid crossing by bike & why?
There are a lot. Unfortunately. I hate Warschauer Straße because of its bad traffic. Also Sonnenallee and Kottbusser Damm. The area around Potsdamer Platz is, like some others, full of tourists who overrun cycle paths and streets, so you need to be extra careful and slow.

And I don’t like the Skalitzer- and Oranienstraße. It’s always crowed, many parking offenders, too much traffic, and really bad cycle paths. So you have to decide: Whether to ride the street full of fast cars or to rumble across tree roots and curbs.

Which bike shop do you recommend for repairs?
The Bike Factory Berlin between S-Bahnhof Lichtenberg and U-Bahnhof Magdalenenstr. They are always really nice and if possible, take their time to advice you – that’s why in summer it’s hard to have a free minute to talk ;-).

What kind of bike lock do you use?
A Trelock folding bicycle lock.

Your favorite bike buddy?
My boyfriend :). Also some of my friends who enjoy cycling as I do.

Which other means of transport do you use to get around?
Public transports like bus or S-Bahn and metro. Often in combination with my bicycle.



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