Artist Tiziana Jill Beck about riding in Berlin & Seoul

Tiziana Jill Beck Künstlerin Fahrrad Berlin Tempelhofer Feld

There are so many hidden paths and small streets, I love to discover

Artist Tiziana Jill Beck was born & raised in Berlin. She studied at Kunsthochschule Weißensee and recently spent a year in South Korea. Deeply inspired by the country’s culture & colors she designed this year’s cycling themed calendar for velokonzept. Read more about the bicycle calendar here – or find it at upcoming markets.

Monatsblätter FahrradkalenderThe calendar’s info text mentions her green racing bike. In this interview you’ll learn more about said bike, her time in South Korea and riding her bike in Berlin. This interview was done  by email. Thank you for your answer, Tiziana.

Which city or cities did you visit in South Korea?
Mainly Seoul but also Incheon, Deajeon, Busan and smaller cities and islands in Korea.

Did you ride your bike while there?
Yes I bought one there, a bit crappy but useful folding bike. At least I thought it was useful because the subway only allows folding bikes during the week. But the subway is so crowded that bikes never fit the train!

A bike sometimes looks just like a fancy gadget though

What is your impression of the cycling community there?
In Seoul, the cycling community is very interesting. You hardly see bikes on the streets but more and more young people discover fix-geared bicycles in crazy colours and styles and use them in some popular districts. It sometimes looks just like a fancy gadget though.
The Han-river, dividing Seoul in north and south part, is lined with endless bicycle paths where people usually go biking. Its really great go cycling there. I felt sometimes a bit too casual as they are always fully equipped and even in winter hiding with masks and hats from the sun while riding.

Tiziana Jill Beck Künstlerin Fahrrad Berlin Tempelhofer FeldWhat kind of bike do you ride?
It’s an old Italian race bike for females, maybe from the 1980’s. I remember it was formerly named „Angela“. I bought it from a friend around ten years ago and it’s a fantastic bike. Initially, it was red but after some years it started to rust. I went to a paint shop to revarnish it in sparkling green and changed it to single speed.

What is your dream bike?
My bike!

What do you like most about riding in Berlin?
There are so many hidden paths and small streets I love to discover.

After being in Korea for one year I was shocked by people in Berlin shouting at me all time

How does riding in Berlin compare to your hometown or other places you’ve lived in?
After being in Korea for one year (where I experienced very friendly people) I was suddenly shocked by the people in Berlin shouting at me all time. In Berlin there is a war among bikers as well as between car drivers and bikers. I do not get it.

Where is your bike parked most frequently?
In my apartment.

What are your favorite clothes to bike in?
I bike in any kind of clothes as I cycle almost every day everywhere.

What is your favorite bag/basket/way to transport your belongings by bike?
I am glued to my Vaude backpack which is very lightweight and very comfortable even loaded with heavy stuff.

What is your favorite spot to fill up on fuel – coffee, drinks, food, snacks?
I like the expression „fill up on fuel“ but I usually carry doggy bags with me.

What is your favorite route for a leisurely ride?
Definitely Tempelhofer Flugfeld.
And hopefully the Radbahn overhead railway project at the subway line U1 will be realized soon!

Which route or area in Berlin do you avoid crossing by bike & why?
I live near Sonnenallee in Neukölln, which we call „the street of death“, it’s so crowded and dangerous. We prefer the smaller street called Donaustraße, running parallel to it.

Which bike shop do you recommend for repairs?
With the help of my friends I started to repair myself, otherwise I recommend Goldsprint for race bikes.

What kind of bike lock do you use?
Hmm I don’t know, I don’t care much. Every lock can be cracked if you really want it.

Me on my green, he on his pink bike

Your favorite bike buddy?
My boyfriend. Me on my green, he on his pink bike. The kids on the street are always confused and asking why am I not riding the pink one…

Which other means of transport do you use to get around?
I try to avoid it actually. I don’t like walking, too. Cycling is just perfect. I wish I had wheels instead of legs, haha.

Eine deutsche Version des Interviews mit Tiziana Jill Beck ist auf womenroll erschienen.

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